Saturday, March 15, 2008

Street Sings

This is different, look at this random intersection on Nagoya's North side.Notice anything? That's right, there are no street signs. Turns out only major streets are labeled, or about 1% of the intersections in Nagoya and Japan. This is in sharp contrast to Chicago where not only every intersection has signs, but most people know the physical address of each road. Or even Seattle, where the layout is dumb and the sings are small and hard to read, you can still look out your window and know where you are. Here is looking down another small street, again, no clue where you are.Because there are no street signs, they don't really bother printing the name of the streets on maps either. Which it would not really matter if they did, because I could not read it anyways. But, as a result, no one really knows where they are. If you walk somewhere, and ask someone, "doko desu ka" or "where am I?" and hand them a map, more often then not, they have no clue. Basically say, "I don't know." People get around using landmarks and restaurants. And if you want to get somewhere, you can take the subway and it will dump you near where you want to be. If you own a car, even a cheap on, it will have a GPS installed, and you don't input address'. Instead, you need to know the phone number of where you want to go, input that, and the GPS will take you there. I'm not quite sure how mail works yet.

For dinner tonight, I had Japanese Pizza.What you are looking at is NY style thin crust topped with Cheese, spinach, chicken, nori (dried seaweed) and mustard. It's actually really good, and of course, you MUST have a side of sashimi with your pizza.

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munkle said...

No street sings? That's crazy talk. How do you call an ambulance? Or even worse, a pizza?? Btw, do you have a new phone # yet?

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Mike and Alice