Thursday, March 6, 2008

Detroit vs. Chicago vs. Seattle vs. Nagoya

We can compare the different places I have lived. I never lived in New York, but it's a good reference. The data:

Kalamazoo Detoit Chicago

Land Area (mi^2) 25 143 237

City Population 77,145 918,849 2,833,321

Metro Population 319,348 4,468,966 9,505,747

Density (/mi^2) 3,125 6,856 12,470

Incorporated 1883 1806 1837

% hispanic 4 5 26

area code 616 313 773

Seattle Nagoya Nuevo York

Land Area (mi^2) 143 126 469

City Population 582,174 2,236,000 8,250,457

Metro Population 3,263,497 7,341,000 18,818,536

Density (/mi^2) 6,901 17,739 27,103

Incorporated 1869 1889 1624

% hispanic 5 0 27

area code 206 011-81 212
I put % Hispanic up there because I thought it might be a good indication of the odds of finding a good Mexican restaurant. Not so true though, Chicago and Detroit have the best spots (the winner, Lupita's in Detroit) and Seattle is the worst. The best Mexican food in this area is down in Auburn, if you throw cost into the equation. I will report back on Nagoya.

Nagoya will also be the most crowded city I will live in. During rush hour in Chicago, the trains were standing room only. During the rush hour in Detroit and Seattle, the trains are not to bad. Nagoya should be crazy. Unlike all my previous cities, I'm planning on taking a 40 minute train ride to and from work.

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