Monday, March 24, 2008

Mount Fuji

This past Sunday, I rolled out of bed around 8:30am, and was back on the Shinkansen to Tokyo. This time I sat in the non-reserve car, a better deal then the green car. With the US dollar where it's at, it cost just over $100 each way.When bound for Tokyo, you need to try and sit on the left side of the train, about an hour into the trip you pass by Mount Fuji, and if you don't fall asleep, this is the view you get when passing at 167mph.It turns out it's really easy to visit Mt. Fuji. It's as simple as taking the local train to the Shin-Fuji station and getting on a bus. The bus will take you the base of the mountain, you have a few options from this point on. The first person who visits, in somewhat good shape and wants to hike Mt. Fuji, I'm game. It's a long day trip and I guess it's best to go between July and August.

My first day in Tokyo was great!Here, 12 million people crossing the street. I will write more about this visit soon.


Atticus said...


I/when I visit we can totally hike up Mt. Fuji.

Erin said...

It's almost like Mt Rainier!

Demian said...

Mt. Rainier is taller / bigger, but I think a larger % of the population of Japan knows about Mt. Fuji.... hmmmm, no real point made I guess. :)

Sanne said...

Well written article.