Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Seattle to Nagoya

The trip from Seattle to the Nagoya Marriott was interesting. The trip started in Renton, after breakfast, Erin gave me a ride to SeaTac. Thanks Erin, there is your car again!Below is the Boeing 777, tail number N229UA that thing took me to Tokyo.They had this map attached to the seat so you could see where in the world you were. Here, the plane is about 45 minutes from landing.At Tokyo, I had a 3 hour lay over and should of taken the train to Nagoya. When I landed, ANA gave me a new ticket and circled all the important information on it.The plane going to Nagoya was parked somewhere in the middle of the tarmac. To get there, we had to walk outside, get on a bus, walk out on the tarmac again, then up some stairs on to the plane. That flight only took an hour. At Nagoya, I had to get on a train that would take me to the hotel. This was actually really easy, you just had to follow the arrows. Here was the vending machines, the ticket counter for the train. That ride cost 12,000 yen.Here I am on the way to the hotel, after being up for who knows how long.

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