Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quit the Gym

I finely got my ticket to Japan. I'm flying out Sunday around 1:00pm, so I should be at the airport around 10:00am. Now that I have my ticket, I'm in this amazing crunch to get everything taken care of, hopefully by Friday afternoon so I can relax on Saturday.

When I left Chicago for Seattle back in 2006, one of the last things I did was transfer my gym membership at Galter Lifecenter to Tom. During the exit interview, the staff person looked at me and asked "why are you ending your membership?" With out much thought, I responded "well, I meet my fitness goals." She kind of looked up, as if this was not a normal response.

About four weeks ago, I joined the newly open LA Fitness at the new outdoor urban style mall called The Landing in Renton. They have a pool. Tonight I canceled my membership, and when asked why, I gave the same answer with almost the same odd look in response. This time, I was kind of lying, my fitness goals are still a few pounds away. LA Fitness kind of sucks, when you cancel your membership you have to give a 30 day notice, even if you have been a member for only 24 days. Even worst, you can't just quit, you have to mail your request in. Although it's a nice gym, think twice about joining, I'm paying an extra month.

On a different note, this past Sunday, a friend invited me to her dinner party, where she served raw vegetarian foods. This is really tasty, somewhat locally grown, organic and healthy. I'm not sure how popular this style of food preparation is back in Michigan, but it's something to check out. Tonight's menu was a Thai.This was also my first chance to use my new camera, the Panasonic TZ3... I'm still trying to figure out this camera, its 28mm wide where my old camera was something different.

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