Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day One

My first day in Nagoya started with me going to work. Check out my new suit.
The suit did not have quite the impact I wanted, only because it's so normal. Everyone dresses nice here for everything, work, dinner, running, you name it. Day two, I will look more 'Seattle' like.

My room is on the 39th floor, looking out over Nagoya towards this old castle. Check out this view. The castle is in that green area towards top center.Every once and a while I'm going to change rooms too, try out different angles.

At street level, bikes are parked everywhere. Most corners have well over a 100 sitting and waiting. Most are not even locked up and not because the bike is 50 years old, but because no one steals anything here. That would be rude. I did not have a really plan for my first dinner, so I walked about 10 blocks away from my hotel, turned right and walked about another 5 blocks and found this little restaurant. Because I was in the middle of no where, no one here could speak english and I could not speak Japanese. So ordering was fun, took about 12 minutes to get two plates of sashimi and some vegetables.You can see the menu behind the plate. Basically, I can't read.


Erin said...

Good blog so far!

Atticus said...

Darn! I wanted to be first... at any rate that is a really cool view. Might not be to easy living in a hotel for 9 motnths, but you can deal. How big is the room? Did they give you a suite, or is it the standard Tokyo size closet with bed?

At any rate happy to hear that you made it safely, and are somewhat settled in. Keep the updates coming.


P.S. New Suit = Pimp

Demian said...

closet with a bed... more or less. I can get a apartment in a few months though.

Kim said...

Hey There!
That's so cool you are in Tokyo!
Hopefully you'll still be able to come home for the wedding.

You're looking pretty fly there in your new suit.

Mary Ann said...

All of the streets look so clean. Your food looks weird. You look sharp (and thin) in that suit. Love the manhole covers