Sunday, April 26, 2009

House Plant

So, I would not call the bamboo tree dead...But I would not call it healthy either, the effect of not watering it for two months. I think we can nurse this back though.


Against all odds, I was able to go to two Tigers games this year, both happen to be played at Safeco field, against the Mariners.The first game the Mariners won, the second game Detroit rolled through Seattle without much trouble. And the third game, the game I missed Detroit won too, over all - pretty bad weekend for the northwest.You can see all the Mariners fans behind us, busy playing Nintendo DS, others you can see are kind of looking in the wrong direction... maybe trying to find the baseball game.Nice photo of Safeco at night.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Back in Japan, this is my apartment bamboo plant:I hope this guy is doing okay. I watered it the morning I left Japan but that was a long time ago. I guess this kind of plant is not suppose to take on much water anyways, so it might be okay. It's in a sunny room. I also thinking the garden is a weedy mess right now too.

Space Needle

Still There!

I never really felt the need to go up to the observation deck and I was able to avoid this till a few weeks ago when a couple of co-workers from Japan needed an interrupter for dinner at Hooters and asked if I could help. Hooters of course is downtown, not far from the Space Needle and after dinner everyone wanted to check this thing out. It was a clear night, this this was my first view from the 4th floor of the Space Needle, taken at night:If you ever feel the need to up to a high observation deck, I still recommend the 96th floor of the John Hancock center. There is no cover at the door, nice tables and chairs to use and you can get a Chicago Sidecar. Granted, the mountain view from Chicago kind of sucks, you can still see Iowa on a clear day.

I have been in Seattle since March 1st and plan on being here through mid-may. I kept getting e-mails about how I'm missing the cherry blossoms in Japan, but don't worry. It's cool, we have that here too!