Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nagoya Cosplay World Summit

A couple of weeks ago, my father made his first visit to Japan and gave me an opportunity to introduce my family to this country and where I live. The day after landing in Nagoya were were off to Utsunomiya for a couple of days before returning to Nagoya. When in Utsunomiya I learned there was a large festival at the Osu temple and I thought to myself "cool, we can go see some Japanese culture!"

I thought the festival would be a traditional, people walking around in Kimono's, people playing drums and eating red bean candy... Nope, it was 2010 Cosplay world summit, or what is known as costume roleplay. Or what I called, my dad's first introduction to typical Japanese culture, check this out.

Dad waiting for the parade to start. Below are some of the costume's seen around Osu....Police officer keeping an eye on Osu templeRobot monster #1I'm not sure who they are dressed up to be.Old school pimp, I don't think he is actually wearing a costume or is aware there is a festival going on around him.Cartoon style...Kids dressed as students, this was kind of a typical costume.Robot Monster #2.More cartoon stuff.And of course every festival needs a rabbit....In the end, this was a really fun Party, everything normal. My dad's visit to Japan lasted for two weeks, I will try to post a few photos from other places visited soon, too.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chicago Update

A few weeks ago, during my trip to Michigan I was able to visit Chicago for a couple of days, it felt like only a couple of hours though. Good friends of mine were getting married, but I still found time to wander around and visit some old and new places. First of all, there was a new crazy sculpture near the corner of state and Van Buren.There is famous quotes and logic engraved onto the base below the eye ball.

On my first walk south to the loop from River North I found on the corner of Wabash and Wacker piles of busted up concrete and though to myself someone should really clean this *stuff* up. I would of called the mayor, but did not have a cell phone on this trip.I found out later that evening they were actually filming Transformers 3...I should of known, that #65 Grand Bus sign should have never been south of the Chicago River. Everything else seems kind of normal.Seriously, it's not the first time I've seen a bus like that.

Everything else seems good too. The new Trump tower is up and running.Police are still relaxing.Fiesta Pizza is still fresh at Barry's Spot (this place has three stars on Yelp, that is bull).Kayaking on the Chicago river, these people probably started on North Ave.And of course, Chicago as seen from a boat!!Buckingham Fountain is also in really good shape.And trust me, the best way to get to and from the fountain is a Latino Express Bus, Ride It!