Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Sidewalks

With clear skies and temperature in the mid 50's, I finely got the chance to get out and see Nagoya in the daylight. After sleeping in for a few hours, I work up around 8:30am and was out for my first run since snowboarding in Denver. My new running shoes are a whole different story, basically there are 3 pair of Nike size 12 shoes in the country of Japan. One store, ABC had shox, but no size 12, The Sports Authority had size 12 but no Shox. So, I ended up getting a pair of MaxAir BRS1000, if my feet are damaged using these, someone is in big trouble. :)

Not caring much about the extra weight, Nagoya is more or less flat, I took my camera with me. One of the first things I noticed, when running are the sewer covers, they are great.Now I have no idea what they say, but I imagine it something about whats going on under the street. For example, the one below must be monkey storage in Nagoya.Well, that might be a bug. This one, something small. Maybe that says valve.The cover below has some Japanese letters on it. The triangle pointing up in the circle is the symbol for Nagoya (I think). Below,a summary of things you might see if you wander around the city.And it's not all covers, they also have some tile work too.This one was outside the Nagoya castle, I think it tells you where to go, but it could just be telling you to watch for people riding their bikes... who knows.

There vending machines are all over Japan. And you can get almost anything from them. So far, this one is my favorite, it's a few blocks from my hotel.It' the Liquor Shop, you can get 40's in there. I'm not sure if it's legal to walk around in public and drink. But I do know it would be very illegal to dispose of your can or bottle on the street, you would get beat for doing that.

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