Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm Moving

Since college, I have made three or four moves in support of my professional life. The first was from Kalamazoo to the east side of Dearborn, then Dearborn to Chicago and finely Chicago to Seattle. I can remember when I moved to Chicago, I was so excited about everything. When I learned I was going to be living on the corner of Ohio and Dearborn St., I spent hours reading everything I could about that part of the city. I was even excited there was a Whole Foods Market a few blocks north, although I only went there once or twice to see what's up. When I moved to Seattle, it was to quick to even think about it, I just showed up and found Renton.

Now, I'm making a jump over the pacific to live in Nagoya for 9 months to two years. I feel the same excitement for this move that I felt for Chicago. I having a more difficult time reading mundane details like is there a Whole Foods Market, because all the good web pages are in Japanese.

To get an idea how crazy this is, over the next week, I need to put everything I own in storage and sell the things I don't really need. Clean up and end my apartment lease. Transfer my mail and a couple of other small things like that. I decided to sell my car, at worst take it to a dealer and get it's 'trade in value'. The one constant in my life since Aug. 2000 has been the Focus, but it to has to go too.

Even at 125000 miles, its still sexy.I'm setting up this spelling error blog for my family. But please feel free to follow me on this trip / move / new life. Once I'm out there for a few week, if anyone would like to visit Japan, please feel free to crash at my place.

Welcome to the Pacific West Side.

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