Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Tokoname is a city south from Nagoya known for making ceramics and pottery. The notable export, those good-luck cats with the arm in the air.When you arrive at Tokoname and come down from the train station platform, the first thing you see the sign for an easy to follow walking path. The path leads you through a small-road neighborhood full of cafe's and shops where you can buy ceramics.The sidewalks are lined with old pots reinforced with concrete walls, to keep you on path. Throughout the walking paths are example of the ceramics made in Tokoname. Below is a family of Buddha's.Actually, there were Buddha's everywhere.But there are other things too, like this half duck half person thing.And owls.Here I am navigating down a side walk with pottery wall.Along side of the good-luck cat, they also have pimp-cats up on the wall.