Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sendai Party

This past weekend I took my second trip to Sendai, about 2.5 hours north of Tokyo by bullet train. Last time I came here, the idea was to try Zen Zan, this time my main motivation was eat to gyutan (a Japanese dish similar to Mexican lengua). That plan worked out well, found dinner / no problem, but I was surprise to learn it was party weekend. People dancing all over the place and enjoying Hanami... Hanami is about a month after Nagoya party, good timing!The first show I came across was these guys wearing mask, playing drums and scaring little kids.It was actually kind of violent, they would play drums and without warning stop, run up to little kids and yell at them. Some kids cried.The second group seem to be just some random kids at the hanami party. Kind of doing flash mob circle ninja dance, it made me kind of wonder if this is something everyone learns. Who else in the park could just jump in, like country line dancing in Tennessee.Hanami was really fun, I left back for Utsunomiya shortly after taking the photo above. Here is a video of people dancing in Sendai:

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