Sunday, April 11, 2010


I'm not sure if capitalism the correct term, but this is similar to when Starbucks moves into your neighborhood and all your favorite local coffee shops close...Welcome to Nagoya station cake shop Club Harie, for the last two years (since I moved to Nagoya) there was line, daily, at least 45 minutes long, sometimes over an hour. They make this Japan-style round layer cakes, you can watch the whole process as you wait in line. The cakes are really good.Today the line is less then 15 minutes long, more like 5 minutes. This wait-in-line changed about 4 weeks ago, the line moved around the corner to the right when Nagoya got it's first Krispy Kreme! Everyone in the photo below is in line for Krispy Kreme.For a few weeks before the store open, Krispy Kreme was behind Nagoya station advertising and handing out free doughnuts, making everyone really excited. But I never expected this would happen. I have spot checked this a couple of times over the past month, and every time the line was over a hour long. There are also 5 or 6 security guards doing crowd control and asking me not to take photos, but they are okay to ignore. People waiting in line gets free doughnuts too. Twenty-four doughnuts is about USD$18.American fast food is popular in Japan, not far from this Krispy Kreme is the Nagoya station McDonald's, they also has a 20 minute wait-for-lunch too. I guess this is similar to the lines that formed when the Prius shows up in Seattle, but someone should let everyone here know this food is really not healthy.

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nana said...

24 donuts for 18 dollars? cheaper than Misdo.
I wanna try one day when the wait is less than 15 mins.