Sunday, April 4, 2010


This is similar to a post made back in 4/2008,; same park, same event but just as fun so I thought I would try again. The name of this party is hanami, the Japanese tradition of enjoying the cherry blossom during spring time...But not knowing any better, you might think this is a really good reason to meet friends in a park to drink and enjoy good food under trees. And people in Nagoya seem to be pro's at this.This party is at Tsurumai park, one train station away from my apartment. Tsurumai is a rather large park in central Nagoya, but it still has limited space. This party runs daily for about 2 weeks, the night before as one groups leave, another person shows up to claim a spot. Then that person has to camp out on a blue tarp till the next day when all the friends show up to party.Here I am having a super dry asahi beer. We also had a wide verity of beer on hand too.We also had a homemade bento box:Everything in that green box was really good.

These kind of festivals bring out some really interesting people. The prize for best John Lennon impression goes to this guy right here:He played a could of Beatles songs and some songs in Japanese too.This was the best use of a gas generator, this group used it to power there kotatsu table. There is an electronic heater in there keeping there legs warm.I would of join, but there was no room at the table. And of course, best food goes to cucumber on a stick.

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