Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Taroko Gorge

This past weekend was a national holiday in Japan, so I made my first trip to Taiwan to visit Taipei, Hualien and the Taroko National Park.Taroko Gorge is located about half way down the island, on the east coast side, this is a beautiful area of Taiwan. Above is about 1 hour into the park at Hsiang-te Temple, the Ksitigarbha statue.Here I am at the top of the temple tower, below is the tower from the outside... I wonder how old this thing is.The park starts at the pacific ocean, at a location called the Ching Shui Cliff, seen below.Then works it's way into the country. Through out the park there area hiking and walking paths, sometimes the stone was carved away to make room for the path.Above illustrates a bad time for a earthquake. The park is full of crystal-clear water rivers.Here is another river running through a valley:One more view of Taroko with the Buddha statue.

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Erin said...

Great pictures!