Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lincoln Continental

I came across the craziest thing yesterday on my walk through kurumamichi to the JR Chikusa train station, a early 1970's Lincoln Continental, probably made in Wixom, MI.The car was in really good shape, I'm sure between when it was made and now it has required some periodic maintenance, but here in Japan, I have no idea how you would find parts for this thing. It's not like you can drive to a junk yard fill of Lincolns on the outside of town.The plate says: Nagoya 33 Na 38-58.

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Craig said...

That car is even rarer than you think. It is a '77 to '79 Continental Mark V Convertible.

Which is very interesting, since Lincoln did not make convertibles in late '70s. So that car is a custom built convertible.