Monday, March 28, 2011

Wellness Style

Japan society enjoys the promotion of health, and each month we get advice in the form of flyer's and table tents - something we can do to have better health. One source of this is Wellness style memo. Typically I ignore the advice because it focus on stuff you should not do, like don't eat this, don't drink that, avoid doing something... eat vegetables and fish. But March 2011, the advice below was given:I think it says play Nintendo Wii tennis. And I think for the first time I accidentally found myself this weekend doing what the wellness memo said to do, play Wii, but I played other games like badminton.For more wellness info, check out the memo. This post is kind of dumb, but a simple way of showing everything is normal in the Nagoya-area.

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msdolittle said...

Hi Demian, be careful NOT to follow the rules-love ya-Real Vicky!