Sunday, March 13, 2011

Collecting Donations in Nagoya

Donation collection started in Nagoya the day after the earthquake happen north of Tokyo. Here are people in the neighborhood of Imaike.This group of people were moving around Imaike taking donations. But different from the US, the donation boxes did not really say to what origination would receive the donation, but this may have not been determined yet.The people above are actually from a politician campaign group. The earthquake happen three days before local elections in Nagoya, this gave politicians the chance to help out while promoting there messages of change and making Nagoya better.Above is the politician, Mrs. Higashitani, making noise and collecting donations in Imaike... But make sure you know where your donations end up.

American Red Cross and other groups are collecting donations too: speaker is loud!!!

****** Higashitani update, although she got 2123 votes, she was unable to pull off a win in Chikusa-ward.

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