Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nagoya Grocery Store

There is not really a shortage of food in Nagoya. Local grocery stores around my apartment are asking people to limit the purchase of certain items like rice, cup noodle, can food and cooking oil. Below, the sign says one bag of rice per person please.There are empty shelfs. This is because food is being prioritized and sent to the tsunami effected areas.Below, large bottles of cooking oil have probably been sent north.Things like fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and other processed food (... frozen gyoza) are fully stocked, no problem to purchase.


nana said...

I am not quite sure how the logistics work but hope people get foods soon as possible at effected area.

Anonymous said...

I'm at the Nagoya Marriott, I'm really craving a diet pepsi or diet coke....where can I buy one? I just went to the "grocery" level in the hotel, no such luck-just coke.....Help>