Monday, March 14, 2011

Refuge Cat

Meet Jazzbird, a refuge cat from Utsunomiya, displace by the earthquake.At the time of the earthquake, the apartment she was in shook hard, fridge even toppled over. She belongs to a friend co-worker of mine who has moved to Nagoya for the time being.I doubt I'm suppose to have a cat in my apartment, but it's okay. Jazzbird is a very well behaved feline so lets keep this quiet. The plan is to move her to a pet hotel....


quantum said...

Hi Demian

How have you been?

I am a wife of HIro. :)
Jazzbird is a beautiful cat isn't she?

Are you thinking of put Jazzbird to a pet hotel?

If you do not mind I will take care of Jazzbird instead of you
for the time being.
Because I have everything for cats.

If so, let me know.

Take care and stay well.


msdolittle said...

Hi Demian-Real Vicky here, thinking with love of you and hoping you stay safe. Your Mom is doing a good job of keening us informed.
This is a lovely cat-is she good company for you? Are you alone? Don't worry-it sounds like Boeing is taken good precaution. Let me know if I can help, 602-377-1308 Love you!

Anonymous said...

Jazzbird's mom here. I Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting Jazzbird be your house mate. She is truly a treasure and she means the world to Barry and I. Thank you!!!

All the best,