Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nagoya Central Airport

NGO or Nagoya Centrair is main airport serving central Japan and is about 1 hour from baggage claim to my apartment via train.I might be a little bias, but I think Central Air is one of the better airports around the globe, it's actually marketed as a destination, rather then just an airport.While the airport part of the airport is all business, it is never really that busy and it is usually really easy to get through security (I guess that is not a great thing for the airport). But the other half of the airport is a shopping and restaurant area that has roof access for viewing airplane take-off and landings.As a result, people come here just to hang out, many with crazy cameras. Central air has a good focus on import routs, for example, both of its US connections of Hawaii and Detroit.The 747 above basically flies to and from Detroit. It's been reported on Delta.com that next year this plane is going to get an upgraded interior with TV in the seats. The guy below, keeping you safe like it's 2025.Sorry for nerd post... I like planes.

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