Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Guam, Just Above Sea Level

I almost forgot, here is a quick tour around Guam! Above the ocean!Of course, the best way to get around the island is in a Mustang Convertible. And once in the convertible one place most people visit is Two Lovers PointThe legend is sometime a long time ago, two people forbidden to be together leaped to there death from this cliff. This site also has great views of the Philippians sea.Long drop...There are also a lot of animals everywhere too.Note the Japanese script to the left of the pigs, although Guam is an American territory, there are many Japanese tourist. So the island accommodates. There are lots of cows everywhere too.Here is Fort Nuestra De La Soledad, built by the Spanish.They would stop here when traveling between the Philippines and Mexico.Old school defence. Lastly, if you ever wonder where Tuna in Japan comes from, I verified some of it is from Guam.Much of the aft cargo bay was fresh tuna. If you have a chance, Guam is a great place to visit. Kind of like an affordable Hawaii.


Erin said...

Under and over the sea! I feel very knowledgeable now!

Demian said...

Yeah, its like wikipedia!