Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Rome was really cool, every time you turn a corner you run into something famous or something you have seen in your text book from middle school.History and old stuff everywhere.I think the most interesting place visited during the trip was the Vatican Museums, home of the Sistine Chapel.Above is the room of maps, in route to the Sistine Chapel. The museum itself is overwhelming, it would be almost impossible to view and understand everything in there. The other funny thing about the museum is the layout, after about 30 minutes walking through the hallways, you start to feel lost. The next two photos you are not suppose to take... sorry:looking up and:And looking up again... I did not feel to guilty taking the photos though, when you walk in there are signs that say "no photos, quiet please." Of course everyone is taking photos and talking, but to fix this the guards would walk around yelling at people before turning on a loud speaker to yell at more people more efficiently. So, the Vatican was not really leading by example.Above is the alter at St. Peter's Basilica, looks kind of like the da vinci code.All over Rome are ruins too, Rome is a city built on a city built on a city....

Rome is different from Japan in that there is graffiti everywhere. It actually takes a little getting use too. Also, no post about Eurore would not be complete without a bidet.So, there you go.

One funny story from Rome, I stayed at the Marriott Rome Grand Flora, a very nice place. On the third morning around 9:30am I meet my friends for breakfast and got seated at a large round table. We quickly noticed at the table next to us was Samuel l Jackson, his daughter Zoe and some friends I think. Unfortunately / or fortunately we did not bother them and we did not have camera with us, so no photos. But during breakfast he did say "no 'mofo' no," in a fun way. It was great, sounded just like Pulp Fiction.

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