Thursday, January 28, 2010

Okinawa Restaurant

All over Nagoya are Okinawan restaurants (which is different from Okinawa where there are no Nagoya restaurants I'm guessing) with good low-cal food, kind of like Japan meets Hawaii. Yesterday some co-worker friends were in town from Seattle, so we all decided to hit up a restaurant near Nagoya station. Not too weird, but towards the end of dinner the restaurant waitress' came to our table and asked if they could take our photo for there blog.... here it is:We were seated in the cave, a small room at the top of a third floor stair case. It's is about 100 sq.ft., the ceiling is about 5 ft high and there is not much more then a table, you sit on the floor. You can see the blog here. It says "We had customer from overseas today and it was very fun time!"


Erin said...

Cool! You are getting more famous by the day!

Carolyn said...

I know. I love all you media appearances over there!

Atticus said...

I demand you go on a game show in Japan!!!