Monday, January 4, 2010


Or Florence as it is known in English. I made a big error on the automated train ticket machine from Milan to Florence, although you can flip the display to English when you are purchasing the tickets, it only changes the menus and not the names of each city. So instead of picking Frienze, I picked Florinas which starts with Flor.I noticed the error when the ticket printed it had a transfer during the trip to Florence, it should of been direct. If this happen in Japan, you would simply walk the ticket to the ticket counter, wait a few minutes in line, say sorry - ticket guy would bow - and you could refund for a new one. In Italy, similar but you have to wait 30 minutes in line and the ticket lady ask you in a strong loud frustrated accented voice "Why DID you do that?" For which I could only answer softly and quickly "I don't know, you tell me."Euro rail expects you to know where that train is going.

Anyways, Firenze is a really nice city to visit, art and statues everywhere.Above is looking west and down on the Firenze skyline from the Giotto's bell tower.Here I am on the same bell tower, behind me is the top of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore dome... or Florence Duomo in English. Normally you can climb up there too, but on this particular day it was closed for church.This is looking back on the city where you can see both the bell tower, Duomo and the famous bridge Ponte Vecchio seen from Michelangelo Park.At night, streets in Milan and Firenze were lit with overhead lights, I think for the holidays... There were many different styles.

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