Monday, October 27, 2008

Passports Up

I'm still working on the details, but here are my tentative travel plans for November:

Leg 1: Nagoya to Seattle - Nov. 19
Leg 2: Seattle to Chicago - Nov. 24
Leg 3: Chicago to Detroit - Nov. 25
Leg 4: Detroit to Nagoya - Dec. 1

I thinking about going for pizza, 5700 block of North Broadway and some somehow finding my way over to Bagley and having a couple of taco's at Lupita's. But other then that... If your birthday happens to be on the 25th...

Kind of my 2008 US tour.


Lindsay said...

Look me up when you are in town. It will be great to catch up and maybe get in a run. Do you still run right? I am more of a spectator now.

Anonymous said...


you can crash at the crib if you need a place to stay


Anonymous said...

no stop in SF?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

oh... the previous post is from Chloe