Sunday, October 19, 2008

Drinking Ban on Public Transport

This is a response to a friend from Chicago's blog, Matt, early 2007 he moved to London. Back in May, London put an end to drinking on public transit, which lead to this post: Drinking Ban on Public Transport.

Even though the post and how the residents of London reacted was really funny, I still thought to myself, "man, that sucks." So, in response to Matt's blog, I just wanted to let everyone know, everything is okay in Japan. Laws here, still logical. Most train stations in Japan have little platform stores or something near by that makes it really easy to pick up a beer or sake for the trip home.Sometimes, a train beer, on Friday is really nice. Something you are not suppose to do on a train, epically the Shinkansen bullet train is talk on a cell phone. Not because it is illegal, just that it is seen as being really rude. On the Shinkansen, a voice comes over the PA and reminds to make sure your phone is set to manner mode. So, look at this guy:On the Shinkansen, not sitting in his chair, having a conversation on his phone while trying to hide it behind his hand. What a punk.


Matt B said...

Curses! I think on the inter-city trains, alcohol is still allowed. And people are still sneaking it on the buses and whatnot anyway. The other night, someone with a beer was messing with another passenger. What was the bus drivers reaction? Play the recorded announcement saying drinking alcohol was not allowed. Repeatedly. :)

Anonymous said...

I think it's cool we both went with the 500ml can of beer and not the 330ml. When you are standing at the fridge trying to pick, it makes more sense.