Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Look at this:This is in a basement resale shop in Tokyo called 'Chicago'. In the neighborhood of Harajuku. Not a big deal, but as I turned the corner of this 'L' shape store I noticed these sarapes hanging along the back wall, I was a little surprised. But then I looked closer and saw the this:That's right, that says Y10500, or just under USD$105. Within seconds, I realized I have more then a grad of blankets in my storage room back near Renton. In fact, the more colorful the blanket, the more it was worth in Tokyo. Soooooooo, I need a plan to visit Laredo and somehow need to figure out what the textile import laws here - are. People here must have no clue, if you can talk enough, this blanket only cost $6.


Atticus said...


This has the makings of our own Sinefeld can return episode :)

Of course the question is how many blankets are the selling at that price. I could certainly box some up and Fed-Ex them to you.... we'll go 50/50 after we pay for the shipping.

Anonymous said...

They have the right idea, just the wrong approach. Here is what I'm thinking, find an empty shipping container from Mazatlan to Tokyo, fill it with blankets and everything else found inside a shop on Guerrero... Then drop the container in front of this store, open the door and sell blankets for $130 each. Then let people feel special when they talk me down to $90 a blanket for 6 or more.