Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Live Concert - Revisited

So, this was bound to happen. The concert where I played the bass is now on you tube... forever, check it out:

This is not really is chronological order, but close enough.
Keep in mind, this is the third time I played the bass, about 5 hours in. I'm still learning how to play and dance.
For the song 'man who sold the world' I'm a little out of tune. This song is really difficult, so many notes. But I think I also wanted to hear bass better as I was playing this song too. I also keep facing away from everyone because I was trying to watch Noe on guitar, to get an idea of where I should be playing.

Above, this was towards the end of the night. 'Would' is a really fun song to play, although you can't really see, I was all over the place, dancing around and looking professional. Instrumental at the end, not bad.
Only in Nagoya!

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