Monday, June 18, 2012

United Kingdom / Cambridge

The last place I visited was Cambridge, I spent a couple of days here with a few friends from Seattle.
Most of my time here was simply hanging out on campus re-considering taking some time off of work to go back to school, try for a MBA degree.  The campus was amazing, below is me in King's Chapel.
Most of the buildings on campus are 100's to 1000 years old, below is the celling of Kings Chapel.  The original design was for a simple smooth ceiling but when it came around to installing it, the guy in charge of the project decided to make this.
The space is unbelievable, separated by a large organ.
One of main forms of mass transit is punts, the boats seen below.  These boats look cheap, but this used one cost 800 pounds or about $1255.  I guess that includes cushions but I'm not sure about the oar to push it around.
I got this pimp cap in Cambridge.  At least I know it's pimp in the UK, I will have to wear this in Detroit, see if it is cool there.
Below is an old farm house along a path between Grantchester and Cambridge.
Cows everywhere, taking care of the lawn.
To get to London Heathrow, I took a bus from Cambridge to the airport.  There were a few interesting planes on display at the airport.
The first was a scale model of an Emirates A380, this must piss of British Airways.
The second was one of the British Airways Concorde's.

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