Sunday, June 3, 2012

Matsushima Bay

Matsushima is an a beautiful area of northern that is not far from Sendai.  This is the second time I have visited this area but the first time since the March 11th earthquake.  Although was near the earthquake epicenter it did not suffer as much damage as costal areas north and south of here because it is naturally protected from the pacific ocean with a series of islands.  This area is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Japan.
Above is Godaido island, it is connected to the mainland with a couple of small bridges.
This is one of two bridges you have to cross to get to the island above.  They are very Japanese in style but can be dangerous because there are a lot of holes in the floor of the bridge. 
Above is the main tree line path leading up to Zuiganji shrine, this is all at sea level and nothing really seems damage.
There are many statues around the park leading up to Zuiganji.
Inside the shrine there are many mountain pass throughs, I'm not sure if these are natural or man made, but they seem man made.
 Shrines are also built into the side of mountains.
Above is one last monument inside the park leading up to Zuiganji.  It's hard to see but there are two large steam train wheels at the base of the shrine.
 This is the Bentendo, it's on Fukuurajima Island.
I think this boat is being used to collect garbage from the bay after the earthquake / tsunami happen here. There are a bunch of random nets and bouys in there.
 Here are a couple of views of the bay.
I think I took them both from Fukuurajima.

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