Thursday, June 28, 2012

Asakusa, Tokyo

Another tourist spot in Japan that is a great place to visit at night is Asakusa, Tokyo.
Asakusa is a popular area with a famous temple called Senso-ji, shopping, food stalls, an amusement park and a couple of McDonalds. Daily, it is full of people, loud and difficult to walk around.  But at night the crowds go home and it becomes a good place to relax.
The first thing that greats you at the gate of the temple is the Nio, he is one of two statues meant to protect Buddha.
This is the main area for praying at Senso-ji, you can see how calm it is.  Quiet.
Above is the Pagoda of Senso-ji, it has 5 layers.
This is the inner gate before walking up to the temple, the name of the gate is Hozomon.  The Nio is on the other side of the gate.
You can see during the day how crazy it gets.  The above photo was taken at 9:30am! I'm not sure what kind of interview was going on , but this is typical along the main shopping strip leading up to the temple.
Around Asakusa are many coffee shops.  This shop,  by UCC, made clear that American Coffee is weak coffee!!!  

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