Monday, May 30, 2011

Naruto Straits

Since the Sydney post focused on bridge and beaches, we can continue on that theme for a while, a few weeks ago I made my first visit to the Naruto Straits, a channel between Tokushima (south- south west of Osaka) and Awaji Island. It makes a connection between the Pacific Ocean and the inland sea.Naruto Straits is best known for naturally occurring whirlpools as water rushes in and out of the inland sea. Below is the Oo-naruto bridge that runs over the channel, there is a walkway below it where you can view the whirlpool from.When below the bridge walking to the whirlpool viewing area, you are not really protected from the elements. There is a strong wind passing through this area, no one could walk straight. You can see the wind messing up my hair.I don't know if it is global warming or just the incorrect weather conditions but this was the most hardcore whirlpools seen today. Most travel advertising show large cartoon style whirlpools. It's not all calm though, water flowing in and out of the channel is very strong. You can see the photo below water just taking off into the strait. According to wikipedia this is the fourth fastest strait in the world, behind other straits in the countries of Norway, Norway and Canada.You can see the structure of the bridge too. Very cool place to visit and easy to get to if you have a JR train pass.As for beaches, although it was bad weather, the Naruto beaches do not seem as nice as Sydney. :)

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