Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Manly Beach

My last day trip from Sydney was north to Manly Beach, about 30 minutes from the CBD via ferry. Below is the beach and like Bondi there is a small downtown area along the rear edge with shops and restaurants (fish and chips!).Many beaches around Australia have 'plumed' gas grills for walk-up-use. Two such grills are seen in the photo below, I guess you can walk up with something to grill and join the party. Unfortunately there was not a grocery store near the grills, so I was unable to join the fun.Also like Bondi, there is miles and miles of nature walk around Manly Beach, here it runs along the coast and through forest and over cliffs.Below is a small rock pool, free to use. There is a small changing room across from the walk way.Below is my return ferry pulling into Manly Port.

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What a great post!! Love the pictures. :P