Monday, May 9, 2011

Bondi Beach

I have been to many beaches in the past but never one where nature meet surfing quite like this. Bondi Beach (below is the Bondi Bay) is about 30 minutes from central Sydney. To get there you need to take a 15 minute train and a 15 minute bus ride, cost is about $5.I assume I can surf, it can't be that different from wake-boarding BUT you know, the water was really cold. These people are crazy.I should be able to body board too. Even though the beach was not as packed as it normally is in summer, there were still people everywhere using the surf.Bondi Beach is also the trail head of this amazing 'Coastal Walk', a path that meanders about 3.5Km of the pacific coast line. I takes about a hour to walk and takes you past really cool rock formations and nature reserves. The path sometimes keeps you near the oceans edge.Australia has these really cool rock pools, the one bellow is called iceberg pool (again I assume it's cold). These are carved right into the rock and use water from the ocean. Ocean water can washes over the edge of these pools too. The one below are pay-to-use, but others you can just walk up and use too.There was also a skate park in the middle of Bondi Beach, this time no skate board rental was available. I don't know how you figure out you can jump like this.... trial and error?One last photo from Bondi Beach. Along the back edge of the beach is a small downtown area full of shops and restaurants. There are also a few tattoo shops including the one below called Bondi Ink. The guy getting the tattoo is Todd Carney, a famous rugby player in Australia. There were a bunch of people taking his photo during the session.This is starting this year for the Australian national rugby league team, nicknamed the Kangaroos.


Amra said...

I live in Florida (just in case it makes a difference) and i was wondering if people are allowed to roller skate on the ocean or streets as a form of transportation?

Longboardsale said...

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Joyce said...

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