Sunday, March 10, 2013


The Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo is famous and well known outside of Japan.  But most other cities in  Japan have fish markets too, including Nagoya.  Nagoya's fish market is not far from the east side of Nagoya station, it's smaller than the Tokyo fish market, I feel it's just as good in terms of quality.
One of my favorite restaurants in the Nagoya market is Sushimasa, I have been going here since 2008!
The recommended menu is posted on the wall and wall and updated based on the fresh fish from the market.
 But the menu is not so important, you can ask the sushi master for almost anything, and if he has the ingredients, he can make it.
I tend to order the same pieces of sushi over and over again, my typical order consist of Salmon, Maguro (tuna) and Hotate (scallop).  

The sushi restaurants in and around the Nagoya fish market remind me of what I would imagine in an old Japanese movie. 

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