Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pick it up. Flip it open.

I recently turned my blog into a series of books and if you want I think you can purchase a copy of each book. You can visit my book store at this link: Demian's Bookstore
The books are broken down by year, I'm still working on 2012 * 2013.  And I kind of made these books for myself and my family but it turns out I can share with everyone.  Also, I don't trust Google or myself that we won't accidentally click on the wrong thing and delete this blog. These books are actually a good collection of photos and stories of living in Japan.
But of course, there are many reasons to ignore this... For example, the content of these books are available for free on this blog, this is not a literately classic (I'm almost sure it's a grammatical mess) and it's not ECO to print stuff.

But if their was a year of post you enjoyed, you can feel free to get that years book.  Let me know if you do.  These are at cost!

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