Sunday, February 17, 2013

Toji Temple

When you travel on the Shinkansen west from Nagoya, looking out of the left side of the train, you can see a large pagoda in the distance shortly after the train leaves Kyoto Station.
 For many years the pagoda was under renovation, it always had a large structure around it.  But recently the scaffolding was removed so I decided to stop by and check out it out.  Turns out it's the highest pagoda in Japan, 187 feet and the current pagoda was built in 1644.
The park where this pagoda is located closes at 5pm, if you arrive here at 4:30 you get a 300 yen discount... Not bad.
 Also on the site of the pagoda is many other temples and gardens.  The two buildings are Kodo and Kondo temples, they contain really large and really beautiful buddhas.
After visiting the temple I took a walk down Pontocho street, hungry for dinner.
 I picked a bistro at random, I really want to recommend it but unfortunately I can't remember it's name.  The door might offer some clues, just look for this door.
 The master of the bistro is a very good cook!

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