Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hong Kong: Food

Maybe cliche, but chinese food and dim sum in Hong Kong is good.  Kind of like how Korean BBQ is better in Korea.
 Much better compared to Seattle, Windsor or even Japan (but I have not had dim sum in Yokohama yet).
There are many good places to eat in Hong Kong, but let me recommend Luk Yu, it is not far from Central station.  Really good Dim Sum, breakfast at 9am or 11am, dinner at 7ish.
Dim Sun is served by people walking around with the food on the menu in tow. Short blog post about Luk Yu.
Below is the menu, it is best to ask the people walking around to just open the wicker warmers and look inside.  You can always order by pointing.
Another popular food in Hong Kong is fresh juice.
It's kind of all over and cheap.
Looking north just before the nightly light show!

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