Monday, October 3, 2011

Hong Kong: Domestic Helpers

It's typical that more developed countries in asia have domestic helpers that live in-home from less developed countries.  These helpers help take care of babies and manage daily family things like cooking and keeping the house clean.  I don't think Japan has domestic in-house help.

Domestic helpers in Hong Kong work weekly from Monday through Saturday and have Sunday off.  For some time now many of these workers have been protesting in central Hong Kong for the right of abode.  Basically, domestic workers from over seas don't have the right to residency.  Without residency, people are often considered second-class to everyone else and can lack basic human rights.
Without knowing what was going on, I walked into the middle of this peaceful protest in central Hong Kong.  I had to go back and this look this up in Google news to understand the situation.
Good news, there was a landmark case, Hong Kong high court has struck down the law that banned all foreign domestic workers from applying for permanent residency:
Hong Kong's High Court has ruled that a domestic helper from the Philippines should be allowed to apply for permanent residency in the city.

The case was brought by Evangeline Banao Vallejos, who has lived in Hong Kong since 1986.

The ruling follows a landmark judicial review and could lead to more than 100,000 other foreign maids winning rights to residency.

BBC Article

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