Saturday, September 3, 2011

Learning English

Between the Central–Mid-levels escalators and Central rail station of Hong Kong is a quick lesson in English. Located in a hall way connecting two buildings, the area is set aside as a kids play space. Although all the letters were there, these were my favorites.... 'B' is for Bag.
'E' is for Enough.
'K' is for Keep.
'O' is for Only.
When I was learning this, I think 'B' was for Ball, 'E' for Elephant, 'K' was for something and 'O' was for owl. 'K' might have been kite.

The Central–Mid-levels escalators is the worlds longest non-continuous escalator, about a half mile long.
You can see it snaking through the neighborhood in the photo above. It is considered mass transit and only goes up the hill. Going down, you are on your own.

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