Monday, August 29, 2011


I don't normally talk about cartoons characters on this blog, but many places and things in Japan has a mascot and usually the mascot is cute. Centrair, the international airport that serves central Japan and Nagoya is special, because it does not have one mascot but one mascot with two friends. Below is Mr. Fu, the mysterious traveler with his friends bird and Mr. Luggage.In the international departure lounge, hanging from the ceiling near gate 21 you can see Mr. Fu visiting different locations around the world, he left his friends at home I guess.Germany: Okay, beer.
Paris: Okay.
Hawaii: Okay.Korea: Okay.
Taiwan: Okay.
Nagoya: Okay, Mr. Fu back home.Beijing: Okay, dancing Panda is cool.
Bali: Okay.
Thailand: Okay.Finland: No! Finland is not Santa. Up until a few years ago they were using the Yule Goat, an ugly creature that frightened children and demanded gifts at Christmas.
Vietnam: Okay.
Shanghai: Okay, I guess Taiwan and Shanghai people have the same style hat.

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