Saturday, July 23, 2011

Making a Shrine Temple: Part 2

About a year ago, I made a blog post about a shrine across the street from my apartment that was in the process of being built. When I posted the previous post, it was about a year from the start of the project. Since then I have learned the shrine is actually a temple and monks take forever to make one.We can step through the progress, last time the builder was getting ready to install the roof. Above and below is the main building complete roof. This around the end of October 2010.As the roof finished work started really picking up inside the temple. The builders are really careful not to leave the doors open or make it easy to see inside. I think the final interior will be really nice.
This little shovel loader was taking care of business out back. Doing important stuff like moving around dirt, mid-November 2010.One thing I don't understand is why does the temple need Detroit style security bars on the windows... When this place opens, odds are the front door will be open all the time.Towards the middle of March 2011, a majority of the exterior trim was complete. Outside panels were still being protected with plastic covers.Early May 2011, the construction workers started to make the front gate, the structure in front of the main building.The frame of the main gate went up in a couple of days, I almost did not notice they were working on it.The front gate took just over two months to get from being started above to being almost finish below. This two month time period included the structure, trim, copper roof and the start of the hand washing bath just to the right of the gate.Below is early July 2011, the builders are starting to put up concert wall in the foreground, similar to the white concert wall in the background.The copper roof of the main gate is really nice, matches the drain gutters on the main building.It amazing, this project started November 2009, almost 2 years ago. You can see in the photo below, the temple fits naturally into the neighborhood and it's not even finish yet. I'm thinking construction will complete soon and I hope the monks have a big party to celebrate.

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Looks nice, but there is no room for the garden