Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tokyo Tower

This past Monday / Tuesday, I made short trip to Tokyo, actually 23 hours and 40 minutes from the time I got off the train to the time when I got back on it. Why I was there, I will explain more later, but part of my time included a trip to the Tokyo Tower.Located not to far from the crazy area known as Roppongi, the main function of this thing is a radio and television transmission tower and place for people to stand and look down.It also serves a cultural function similar to the Eiffel Tower, in that of movies and cartoons you will see this in the background. As a way to setup where the story is taking place. Tokyo does point out there tower is 4 tons, the ET is 7 tons.... I think someone is trying to say it is better engineered.The view looking down is amazing, an area of the city known as minato, full of apartments and small business.The view looking out is good too, above is mori tower, this building might all ready be somewhere on this blog.Looking South.Looking East... big city.The photos above are all from 150 meters, the second observation deck is at 250 meter, but I was to lazy to wait the extra hour to go up there.

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