Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sake Brewing

South of Nagoya is the city of Odaka, very old place known for brewing Sake. Sake a Japanese alcohol made from rice, Odaka is known for making a sweet Sake. Two of the breweries were giving tours this past weekend, here are a couple of photos.

The process to make Sake is similar to making beer, but without the malts. The first step is to find some rice:Next wash the rice and make it into koji, I think this is the room where they make the koji:The koji is then mixed with the yeast in large tanks and left to ferment.This is looking down into a tank, it smells good, like bread.Next something happens and Sake is made. Serving the Sake is more easy, this guys pours the finish product into glass server then fills little cups for everyone:There are many different kind of sake too, for example unfiltered sake is being poured in the foreground:

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