Monday, November 9, 2009

Peace Park

The Peace Park is a large park in the center or Hiroshima dedicated not only to memory of the victims of Hiroshima, but the non-proliferation and elimination of nuclear weapons leading to world peace.Above is the A-bomb dome seen through the cenotaph. The park and museum is amazing and difficult to describe. Below is a statue of Sadako Sasaki and a memorial to children.It was kind of funny, almost instantly upon arriving at the peach park groups of four kids would rush up to me and say "can, can, can we... can we ask you a quest--ion?"It turns out they were mostly from Osaka on a school trip to Hiroshima, and I think there assignment was to talk to foreigners. These kids had difficult questions too, like "what do you think about war" and "can you write a message for peace?" And they wanted me to write my message on a piece of paper, partly because I think it was difficult for them to understand English. By the end of the day, I wrote about 10 messages of peace, even evoked Obama's name in a couple of them. Here is another view looking south, the A-bomb dome is on the left and peace park is on the right.Below is the Peace Museum.


Atticus said...

Hey Demian

Cool Pictures, I think you have a defenition incorrect:

Proliferation is actually a rapid increase in number:

–noun 1. the growth or production of cells by multiplication of parts.
2. a rapid and often excessive spread or increase: nuclear proliferation.

Demian said...

Thanks! You are right, I used the wrong word.

Nana said...

Nice pictures! Especially the A-bomb dome.