Monday, November 23, 2009


In the previous post, a friend asked if I feed the deer in Nara.... nope, there was enough other people doing that - that the deer were doing okay.But, there are deer everywhere. Above are a couple of the deer in Nara.Above is a deer waiting for some food outside the worlds largest wooded building, Nara. But deer's are actually a popular tourist attraction in other locations in Japan.Above is a deer on the island of Miyajima, just south of Hiroshima.Miyajima is known for O-torii, the large orange gate above.... AND and and the worlds largest spatula!!It took almost 3 years to make that.


nana said...

Did anyone use its huge shamoji at an event???

Demian said...

I tried too... But the sign said keep out.

avitania said...

That deer looks like he's wearing bottlecaps on his head! :)