Tuesday, December 9, 2008

名古屋 (Nagoya)

Still moving into my apartment, but here are a couple of random photos from around Nagoya....Looking over the city from the 33rd floor of Nagoya station.Nagoya tower, Midland center and Nagoya station seen from my apartment.To the left is the Nagoya Dome, where the Baseball team Chunichi Dragons play. They are kind of like the cubs, don't really win but everyone loves them. Next season, I hope to make a bunch of games, I can walk there from my apartment. To the right of the dome you can see the Japan Alps.Here is another view of the Nagoya tower, it's kind of like the space needle. You can go up there, have dinner, look at the city and it broadcast TV too.Everyone in Japan loves Ferris Wheels and most cities have at least one for you to enjoy. Nagoya is no different, above is the wheel in the hood of Sakae.

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