Monday, December 29, 2008

My New Hood: Super Market

Turns out the Japanese word for super market is supa makate, sounds like super market. And this my local supermarket, called Valor, it's not to different from the US. When you walk in, frozen stuff is the left.Vegetables and fresh fruits are along the right wall.All the process foods and stuff are in the middle. Sushi and meats are along the back wall. The sushi fridge is never to full because it is made in the back as needed.And in the front of the super market is bike parking, you can see all the bikes have a little basket to carry what you purchase home. I staring to think I need to get third bike like this. Something I can run to the store, pick up things and not worry about parking it outside not locked to anything. These bikes go for $100 - $200 bucks, so no one really wants to go through the trouble of taking them.

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