Sunday, June 22, 2008


A few blocks away from Nagoya (well, actually 2 subway stops with one transfer) is this neighborhood called Ōsu Kannon. There is a shrine in the center of the hood, and a really cool shopping area full of clothing, electronic and food shops. All the funky clothing you see people wearing can be found here.But look at the following photo of people going up the escalator.To the left is a stair case, to the right is the escalator and everyone is basically taking the escalator. It's not because we are lazy, but in the past two days, the temperature started to blow-up. It is all the sudden hot and humid, just being outside for an hour turns you into a total mess. I think this is really funny, the line in the photo above was taken at Fushimi station, Nagoya is much worst. The subway is also air-condition, which makes it a little more nice to ride.As a result of the higher temperatures, I think more people are using the subway too, instead of walking. The yellow line between Fushimi and Nagoya was packed today. I was pressed against the door when it closed, and by the time the train left the station, a line had all ready formed large enough to fill another train.

But, if you are planning on visiting Japan in the next couple of days, might be a good idea to bring some dry-fit clothes.


Atticus said...

Hey Demian!!

Do you know the woman in the photo giving you the peace sign? Or is it just some random Japanese person who saw you taking a picture?

Just wondering...

Anonymous said...

random... I think she was just excited to get her photo taken.